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We're Disruption

We’re Fintech & Blockchain based service provider.

always working towards providing the right technology for East Africa. With a vast experience and knowledge in these field. We’re always looking forward in working with clients who are yearning to be part of the next disruption.

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With 178M citizens in the region, Digital Payment, interoperability and agility is demanded by various industries like government, Retail, banking and manufacturing. This industries needs a reliable technology that caters for this population, which demands quality and accessible services on demand.

Gone are the days for in-house technology, vendor lock inn, inability to integrate with other solutions or interoperability.

We’re building a unified solution for the region. You don’t need to run various independent systems in your business. Get one solution that will meet all your company’s operations need.

Our solutions runs on cloud, meaning you don’t need to buy your own servers and incur additional cost for maintenance and support the infrastructure. We deploy the solution once then you can access it anywhere in around the world where your branches or offices are located.

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Unifying the East Africa Community

Check these incredible true
short facts about East Africa

The region demands quality and accessible services, but this is not achieved due to lack of the right technology & infrastructure.

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Countires that are part of East Africa Community
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